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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  November 8, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PST

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>> workers contain a smelly oil leak in the east bay. authorities say it is safe. >> but don't tell that to neighbors who say they are feeling nauseous tonight. good evening. >> i'm carolyn johnson. for a time the pipe was leaking 10 gallons of oil every minute. >> now the leak has been capped but the smell remains. the pipe haze leaguing is on the former concord naval weapon station near myrtle drive. lillian is there live tonight with this developing story. lillian? >>reporter: it smells like sulfur out here and it is over powering. in fact our sky 7 helicopter crew could smell it as they were flying over this area. the crude oil leak is underground. it is coming from
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a conoco philip pipeline running through concord naval weapon station property. spokesperson with conoco philip says the pipeline has since been shut down so no more crude is leaking but when it was, there was about 10 gallon coming out a minute. no word on how much crude has leak. we'll get that information tomorrow but county officials tell us the oil is contained and they don't expect it to reach any water source. now despite the strong odor, county officials insist that there is no health risk for the people who live nearby. neighbors we spoke to say they started noticing the smell yesterday afternoon. >> got conoco philips out here digging it up so the odor right now is probably, i don't know, 10 times worse than it was yesterday so it is kind of hard to breathe. eyes get a little irritated. >> we are all concerned because where we are now standing the air is clear but down on our street on holly creek place it's really thick and we are all kind of concerned about our health right now.
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>> if you do get big strong odor and stuff, you may want, they may go by your home. try to air out your home to get the odor out. we don't expect any health effects from the odors. people may feel some transient health effects like headaches and nausea from strong odors. >>reporter: at this point no word on what caused the leak. we have been told crew will be working overnight. their job is to rae manufacture the crude oil from the ground and eventually fix the pipe in question. county officials expect the smell to decrease by tomorrow. live in concord, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> all right thank you lillian. >> hundreds if not thousands of camera documented last wednesday oakland occupy demonstration. some of them captured police officers in questionable situation and tonight oakland police chief is talking to abc 7 about some of the images. allen is live in oakland for us with the story. allen. >> in an effort to be more
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transparent, chief howard jordan reached out to me today. he says the department has been swamped with freedom of information request and some documented officer involved incidents from last wednesday that he still hasn't reviewed yet. but he did want to comment on one nt in particular. >> kind of weird that you actually are not showing your name. why is that? >> during last wednesday general strike this oakland police officer refused to explain why he covered his name plate with black tape. >> i thought it was fair to show there are maybe small part of oakland pd not following policy this. >>reporter: citizen journalist who wants to be identified only as black pixel says he confronted the commanding officer who corrected the situation by peeling the tape off. >> when i saw it i was appalled by what i saw. >>reporter: oakland police chief howard jordan says concealing identity in this instance violates the department's policy and the california penal code. >> that is not representative of our officers here and what they should be doing. it's
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against our policy. i did order an mead yacht investigation. >>reporter: but chef jordan would not comment on this video shot in frank ogawa plaza on the same night. >> oh. ow. ow. ow. >>reporter: chef jordan says the facts surrounding this use of force incident aren't as clear but citizen journalist scott campbell who shot the video and got shot by what he think says bean bag says it's pretty clear to him. >> that was on public property. i was no threat to the officer. there was no confrontation or violence so i proceeded to film the line from that distance and as you can see in the video i move further and further away from the line. >>reporter: campbell says the shot came from about 25 feet away. >> oh. ow. ow. ow. >> so had it been any higher it could have, you know, hit my genital and seriously wounded me. >>reporter: the chief says it's under investigation and his department has nothing to hide. the citizen journalist feel they are playing an important role in keeping them honest.
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>> technology in anybody hands. quickly shared that maybe cops will start acting more accountable for their action first rather than thinking about what they are doing. it could be recorded. put on the internet and shared worldwide instantly. >>reporter: now as we mention, that name plate incident violates california penal code and now internal investigators are lacking into whether or not that officer could face possible criminal charges. live from oakland police headquarters this is 7 news. >> thanks very much. >> in the mean time alameda county sheriff's are defending themselves tonight over charges that they failed to quickly treat an iraq war veteran injured during the occupy oakland demonstration. he claim he was beaten by police which resulted in a ruptured spleen. sheriff's department released this video. it says show what is happened to the man. he arrived at jail at 4 a.m. thursday looking fine. then taken to a sobering cell where he complained of pain after being offered medication he was taken to a hospital.
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sheriff's say they did everything by the book. but a friend disagrees. >> he was seen by medical staff. he was helped by deputy and ultimately transported to the hospital by an ambulance that we called for him. so to say that we didn't help him is false. >> he wasn't crawling around in the cell because he didn't feel good it was because he had a serious injury. they refused to accept that. actually look at that. to give him proper help. >>reporter: he's recovering tonight at high land hospital. >> danville police hoping someone will recognize the person caught on surveillance tape defacing private property. police sympathy the surveillance camera on sycamore circle because the vandalism was recuring crime. tape from last friday catches this man in a hoodie spray painting a wall. officers say the man sprayed not only graffiti but racial epithet as well. authorities bev this man may also be responsible for several similar incident in the neighborhood. gentleman repair on ruptured gas line in woodside will not
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begin until to. pg&e crew conducting diagnostic test on the pipeline at highway 280 that ruptured yesterday during high pressure safety test sending mud and rock on to the highway. utility crew injected helium into 4 miles of the pipeline and using detector to try to find any more leak. pipe is part of same line that explode entered san bruno last year. citing variety of concerns over tomorrow election the secretary of state is dispatching observers to monitor polling places throughout san francisco tomorrow. state oversight was requested by several mayor candidates because of allegations of voter ballot fraud. but spokesman for the secretary said the decision was not in response to that request. voters will decide who should be mayor of san francisco for the next 4 years. interim mayor ed lee is up against 15 challengeen jersey. this is also the city first mayor election using rank choice voting. >> 7 news of course will bring you the election results as soon as they come in with life reports at abc -- on abc 7 news
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and at 11:00 here on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock and of course on our web site at this site. to presidential politic. herman cain announced on abc tonight that he will hold a news conference tomorrow in arizona to deal with the latest allegations against him. >> cain made announcement during an appearance on jimmy kimmel live and said he watched today news conference from his latest accuser while at the palace hotel in san francisco. >> so we watched to see what it was, who it was and we are dealing with it and tomorrow we are going to have a press koyvrnlts you are having a press conference. >> yes we are going to have a press conference. we are taking this head on. >>reporter: in a news conference sharon said cain grepd her and pushed her head toward his lap 14 years ago. while seeking his help to find a job. she says she's not writing a book or filing a lawsuit and not expecting a financial windfall for coming forward. you can see the
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entire herman cain interview tonight on jimmy kimmel live at midnight. boxing legend has died. up next. we remember the life of great champion and then this. >> all things considered i'm still alive. >> g.o.p. candidate for president herman cain on kimmel live. what he's saying about the latest sexual harassment allegations. >> and news every homeowner in the bay area has been waiting to hear. >> all that coming up then on "nightline". >> i'm bill, coming up next on "nightline". guilty verdict if the trial of michael jackson doctor. we have the latest reaction of jackson family and his public. >> leo and clint eastwood sit his public. >> lit's about building carst in america.
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spoke. >> sad news in the sports world tonight. former heavy weight champion joe frasier has died. >> the about to give us instructions. a stare from joe frazier in the direction of ai ail. >> howard making that call. these are pictures from his famous fight with ali. the bout dubbed the thrill intermanila a.frazier diagnosed last month with liver cancer. his manager says the boxer had been in and out of the hospital and was receiving hospice treatment this past week. joe frazier was 67 years old. jurors took just nine hours to find michael jackson's doctor guilty of involuntary manslaughter. tonight dr. conrad murray attorney calls that conviction disappointing. jackson family though it brought some relief. diana reports from los angeles. >> we the jury in the above
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entitled action find the defendant conrad robert murray guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. >>reporter: it took the jury just over nine hours of deliberation to reach their decision. for those 7 men and 5 women, several weeks of trial and testimony boiled down to just one question. who killed michael jackson. did the doctor action constitute gross negligence or was the singer so desperate for more drugs that he injected himself with propofol? the jury sided with the state and the judge ordered murray taken directly to jail. doctor stoibing as deputy led him out of the courtroom in handcuffs. for prosecutors their win could not make up jackson family los loss. >> our sympathy out to the jackson family at this time for the loss l that they have suffered not a pop icon but a son and brother. >>reporter: outside the courthouse the family smiled.
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la toya cheering the verdict. >> wonderful. absolutely justice was served michael watching over us. >>reporter: mr. jackson hold twoing thumb up as he left. murray will stay in jail until november 29 sentencing facing a maximum of 4 years in prison. pros cawtors have already said he willless his medical licens license. this is abc news, los angeles. california home prices should begin recovering next year. ucla anderson forecast predicts the "american idol"median praise of existing family home will jump 11 and half percent to more than 320,000 next year and then climb 21 and a half percent by 2013 by 20 17 should be up 52 percent. while prices go up recovery in home sales not moving as fast. actual number of homes sold not projected to begin recovering until 2013. in fact sales are expected to drop nearly one and a half percent next year. facebook ceo returned to harvard university today for the first time since he dropped
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out in 2004. he was there toen list new talent for his social networking site. he spoke with officials and held a private meeting with two00 hand picked students. he said he went back to harvard because quote there's a lot of really smart people here. sorry et lovers. white house says it has no evidence that extra-terrestrial exist. what it house made unusual declaration in response to feature on the web sthit allows people to submit petition that administration officials must respond to if enough people sign on. in this case more than 5000 people demanded that the white house disclose the government knowledge of extra-terrestrial beings. >> honda human shape robot has become more hum an. the newest version of it was demonstrate entered tokyo early tuesday. robot can now run faster. balance itself on uneven surface. hop on one foot and almost think on its own. it opened a thermos and poured a drink. there it goes. many he
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was also able to sting distinguish the voice of 3 people speaking at once. starting to get a little creep creepy. >> creepy that's the word i was thinking. >> a little too close. >> let's get a check on the forecast now. >> don't teach to it do the news. sandy here with the forecast. >> that robot should be pouring hot chocolate bright now. cold outside. look at the numbers. 38 degrees in nap a.santa rosa has dropped down to 39 degrees. low 40's at the hour around places like redwood city. livermore. we are continuing to drop. 42 degrees in los gatos. clear sky out there. look for frosty nature in the valley. dry and mild for election day. and rain arrives on friday. so let me show you this set up here. we do have a frost advisory that goes into effect at 1:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. continues until 9:00 a.m. for the north bay interior valley holster valley, carmel valley and salinas valley at least 2 hours of temperatures in the 29 to 34
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degree range. so first thing in the morning as you head out the door you mate want to dress in layers because it is going to be very cold and icey in spots. we see some frost in napa, santa rosa, temperatures are going to drop below freezing first thing in the morning. 34 degrees in clover dale. pretty close to freeze tling in livermore. 36 degrees. 38 in concord. down to morgan hill. 41 san jose fremont look at the low 40's along the coast line so very chilly start to the morning. but as the day goes on the sun out and we get a chance to enjoy nice looking weather. like today area of high pressure providing with us nice conditions today. this cold front here is just going to provide with us some high clouds tomorrow but we really in a dry pattern through thursday afternoon. by thursday night things start to change and by friday we are talking about rain becoming likely as the cold front comesuy looking wet and rain chances are going to continue into the weekend. thought would i bring you up to speed on where we are
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as far as rainy season is concerned. it's still early. santa rosa just over 2 and a half inches of rain. at 74 percent of normal. san francisco 95 percent of normal. oakland is running a little bit higher than average at 104 in san jose. just over an inch of rain. 77 percent of normal. so we'll at that time rain at any point. afternoon high tomorrow with high clouds and sunshine in the mid 50's for places like clear lake, upper 50's around ukiah half moon ba bay. most of the rest of the bay area in the low 60's. temperatures running a good 5 to almost 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. and for the monterey bay 61 degrees in monterey. 65 for new santa cruz. 66 inland in gilroy. nice sunny afternoon for election day. upper 50's to mid 60's and then you will see the temperatures rising wednesday afternoon that the upper 6nge by thursday. we are talking about low 70's even though the clouds will start to increase. veterans day you will need the umbrella. cooler conditions as we head into the weekend chances of
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rain will remain in the forecast as upper level low just spins off our coast line here bringing the possibility of some unsettled weather. >> that time of year. >> it is indeed. >> thanks. >> astonishing number of women con goes taking sleeping pills. >> why more women are reaching con goes taking sleeping pills. >> why more w[ man ]e reaching i got this citi thank you card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything.
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>> new research shows more women are turning to pills to get to sleep at night. nearly 30 percent of women admit to taking the pills at least a few nights a week. sleep deprivation expected among new moms but many stress anxiety and hormone im balance. women age 40 to 59 are the biggest consumer of sleep aid. using drug from time to time to get to sleep is widely seen as safe but studies show long-term use could take years off your life. 20 years ago today los angeles laker and basketball great magic johnson announced he was hiv positive. remember that day. and he retired from the game he loved. >> here i am 20 years later.
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wow! what a blessing. [applause] this ace bitter sweet day. yes i'm living but people are still even today as we speak getting this virus and so we must change the mind set and we must do a better job of educating those who live. >>reporter: johnson was just that years old at the time and many wondered if he would leif out the year. today he thanked his doctor, former coach an most of all his wife. johnson is healthy and managing hiv with a daily regimen of drugs and exercise. >> 20 years ago. >> what he has done for the community is phenomenal. >> really i was on the road with the warriors when it happened and the shock was just amazing with all the players. stunning. nobody could believe it. >> we have 2 ugly performance from the local football teams yesterday. but there is a difference between winning ugly and losing ugly. meanwhile the shark happy to be home middle of a 6 game home streak and
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>> how about those niners. 7 and 1. won 6 straight games first since 1997. success on offense 2 words frank gore. harbaugh hooked his wagon to the work horse who ran for over 500 yards in 5 straight games franchise record. 107 yards against the redskins yesterday and earned every one. team rally around him and quiet leader and harbaugh wishes he had more guys like frank. >> he's in amazing positions. leg going one way upper body at 90 degree angle. opposite way.
12:29 am
about it's amazing. >>reporter: meanwhile raiders got tebow by the broncos. can't allow a quarterback to run for 117 yards and can't give up 300 yards rushing and beat anyone. also had 15 penalty for 130 yards. discipline issue. that star with head coach. raiders get the chargers on thursday night so not whole lot of time to correct these mistakes. >> do i think some players walked out of here yesterday feeling like they could have made more of a difference in the game? probably so. when you lose everybody has reason why you lost but when you look at it. that's not why we lost. we lost because of penalty and lost because we didn't do good enough job of taking care of the ball. didn't stop the run. >>reporter: eagle host bears and servicemen on monday night football. second quarter cutler off to matt but brian stripped it. oops. scores 22 yards. game tied at 10. fourth quarter. eagle up 4. not for long. cutler perfect throw. 208 yards. 2


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